Krav Maga literally means contact combat in Hebrew. It was originally developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, a gymnast, wrestler & boxer, in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia to help protect the community against fascist gangs in the 1930s. In 1948, Imi became Chief Instructor of Physical Fitness & Krav Maga for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). He started the IKMA (Israeli Krav Maga Association) in 1978, following which the FBI sent 22 people to Israel to attend a Krav Maga Basic Instructor Course thereby `beginning the international expansion and hence to our own shores. It is now studied by military and police worldwide; by private and public organisations responsible for security.

Our concern is that private citizens may find greater safety, confidence and fitness in a friendly environment.

It’s notoriety has brought Krav Maga to the big screen in films such as The Debt, the Taken series with Liam Neeson, Enough with Jennifer Lopez, Jack Reacher & the Mission Impossible series with Tom Cruise, Expendables with Jason Statham, Daniel Craig’s James Bond and The Gunman with Sean Penn.

If you would like to view Krav Maga in a more technical context, view some of our videos here.

What is the KRAV ATTITUDE?

KRAV ATTITUDE is an association of mutually supporting traditional Krav Maga schools headed by Sebastien Ribo (3rd dan FEKM, 5th dan FFKADA).
It is not a new method of Krav Maga. We learn and teach in such a way as to deepen our understanding while retaining a situational perspective. Our drills have to reflect and allow for real-life movements.

Krav Attitude will allow you to progress technically while remaining aware of the random hazards of a violent attack.

Krav Attitude has devised training modules, based on common characteristics of violent attacks, and on a proportionate response.

Seb Ribo was, for many years a direct student of Richard Douieb, who was chosen by Imi Lichtenfeld to develop Krav Maga in Europe. The FEKM now includes more than 16,000 members across 9 countries.

A number of FEKM instructors have branched out and founded their own associations. These include our own, Krav-Attitude