What do we do since we want to train but have to socially distance?

I have looked at the guidelines from Rugby and Boxing as two sports with similar levels of physical contact to ours, the law and government guidelines. What follows is my informed opinion. The law states that gatherings of over 30 are illegal (click here to see the national guidelines).

It would be wise to follow GUIDELINES as much as possible with regards to:

– training in clusters of no more than 6, 

– staying with the same partner for the duration of a class, 

– keep away from other couples in the class as much as possible, and with the same cluster, numbers permitting,

– keeping a record of who has trained any given evening (so we will go back to the end of class photo),

– bring your own antibacterial hand gel!

– Let me know you are coming to the next class as soon as possible and let me know if you change your mind so that I can manage numbers and groups.


DO NOT COME IF YOU FEEL ROUGH! There used to be a case for sweating out a cold with a Krav class. Not at the moment, please.

Now, we all know this presents a risk, as training always does – we used to run risks when we trained in an air-conditioned room without knowing who had flu or a cold. 


BUT WHAT IS MORE DANGEROUS…?  the chance of catching this thing or the ill-health and frustration we experience by staying indoors, lack of exercise, and not caring for our minds and bodies with exercise, meeting people and learning to defend ourselves or our loved ones?

Many studies have shown that exercise and going outside reduce depression and anxiety and promote healthier mental and (obviously) physical health. Do come if you want to live a normal, fit, healthy and confident life. However, we will be asking students who train with us to sign a consent form, as we will not be held liable for the first sore throat have this autumn or any other illness.

A new kind of training

Some sports meet outside, all year round. Rugby and football, for example. Are rugby players tougher than Kravists?? NOOO!

Well maybe they are tougher, but anyway if they can, so can we. Maybe sports centres will reopen soon for close contact activities in groups of more than 6, but I do not believe any will let us train with the flexibility and personal responsibility we require.

So, unless it is raining, classes will run on Wednesday evenings at 6.30 and Saturday mornings at 11. We run 90-minute classes. If it is raining, I have limited covered space in Peckham for a maximum of 10 people.


Due to the frequent national changes, we have changed from pay monthly to PAYG. All classes will be charged a £10; however, block bookings of 5 or 10 classes will be charged at a reduced rate.



Much love from the KMACS Team