Do You Want To Unlock Your FULL Potential?

Discover Fast, Simple and Effective Ways To Defend Yourself And Others

KMACS will:

✔ help your fitness and stamina

✔ build your confidence

✔ help you discover FAST, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE techniques to defend yourself and others

✔ provide you with a friendly, safe and professional club

✔ adapt techniques to cater to your age and abilities

✔ boost happiness and positivity

✔ enable you to rediscover your natural reflexes

To give YOU the very best Krav Maga experience

Real Self-Defence
Learn How To Cope With A Violent Encounters
Increase Your Confidence

Get Fit
Have Fun!



We believe Krav Maga can make you fitter and more confident. You will feel and be safer.

Krav Maga will help your STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.

At KMACS, you will meet friendly and like-minded students and instructors, alike. We know that our students are our clients. you come to us to get fit, to feel safer, and to learn to defend yourself and others. We are here to serve YOU and to enable you to unlock your potential and achieve your goals.